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Hi Guest.

My name is Maxim Aginsky and I am a web and graphic designer. Web Talk To is my small studio founded in 2012 and located in Montreal.

I am creating visual-verbal concepts for companies and individuals, developing web design and graphics and building web sites with HTML, CSS and PHP help. All this I am doing with passion and love.

30.11.09 Maxim Aginsky

Web Talk To also is a publishing platform for articles I am writing, notes, code and composition examples and other stuff related to the field of web design. Anything that surprises me enough and all what I would love to remember has a place on the Web Talk To pages.

In some places I am using I/Me, and in some We/Us – it is easy to explain – I am a family man, a husband and a father. I have a beautiful daughter and wife and we talks a lot about my creations.

October 2013

About Us

January 2013

The story behind Web Talk To tells about a on-of-a-kind man who had the passion and determination to immerse himself in the world of website creation despite having no background in computers or engineering.

Max's initial intention was to have his own website to be able to share his art and music across continents and introduce his artistic spirit to as many eyes and ears as possible…

During the creative process, he fell in love with the computer's ability to create any shape with perfection and simplicity in stark contrast to a human artist's use of many tools, investment of time, love, and talent and ultimate in ability to create a perfect shape.

So after one year and countless versions, Max produced a website he was very happy with and proud of. He began to build websites for his family and friends as gifts. Recognizing the demand for his style of innovative websites and the need for a user-friendly product, Max decided to share his talent with others.